Becky Mullies

Participating in the real estate industry has been something I envisioned for myself as long as I can remember.  Perhaps it came from a sense of wonderment about the new homes I moved into as my family moved around, or watching Chip and Janna on HGTV, or staying up way too late scouring home listings on the internet. Regardless of the influences, I realize that as a young agent  I now have the opportunity to assist others in changing their lives in meaningful and impactful ways…and that  is exactly what I intend to do!

Although I did move around a lot as a child, I have landed here and have found a genuine love and appreciation for all things KC.  Nothing beats BBQ on a Chiefs Gameday!  😊  That love extends to real estate and I have been committed to learning not only about the rules and nuances of being your Realtor® but studying the entire metro area as well, what is happening and trending in the cities, communities and neighborhoods that encompass it all.  I was particular about choosing a brokerage as well.  I needed to associate with a group that truly has a team mentality, that is committed to providing education as needed and works with integrity every day.  I found that here at Dream Properties Real Estate.

Helping others achieve their dreams in any fashion is incredibly fulfilling, and real estate dreams are pretty big!  A person’s home is often their largest financial asset…it’s crucial that the professional you choose to help guide you through the process is as dedicated as you are. A truly trusted partner who can help guide you through this often emotional process and thinks there is little better than celebrating a victory with their clients.  I am honored you are considering me to be that partner.